A wedding in Cyprus

A wedding in Cyprus



Last year my little sister got married. Her and her partner, Kenny, decided to have their wedding ceremony in Cyprus as it has always been Becky’s dream to get married  there – she has been visiting every year since she was 11.

The church they were married under was important to them too as when she was young Becky used to always say she wanted to be married inside. That was obviously not possible but the ceremony location was the next best thing as it was just below it. Becky, who is a cross country runner, used to run up the hill that the church is on, every day in the sweltering heat – not sure how she managed it as it was a feat just walking up the steps after the wedding for some photos.

I have only been to Cyprus once with my family so it was nice to explore the island they talk so much about. We spent a few days exploring, though most of the time was just spent lazing by the pool – which was well deserved after a very busy wedding season last year.

Becky also thought it would be a good idea for me to be her bridesmaid as well as take the photos of the day! So not full wedding coverage here (as I cried every time I looked at my Sister or my Dad) But hopefully a little snippet of what was a wonderful few days


craigo williams

holy moly guys this is stunning! =)


This is just phenomenally beautiful! Captured to perfection! It’s not often that I slow down flicking through pictures on a blog, but this set was really quite a delight! :)

chris barber

so, so good guys.


Wow, so beautiful!

Polly Alexandre

Kate, these are beautiful! I love the mix of travel and portraits, and your sis looks absolutely beautiful! Well done on multi-tasking!

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