Bletchley Park and the D-Day Veterans

Bletchley Park and the D-Day Veterans



Last year we had the opportunity to spend the day with some of the most incredible people we have ever met. Our Friend and fellow photographer Victoria Phipps runs the charity D-Day Revisited which takes Veterans, of the Normandy landings, across to France this week in June every year to commemorate DDay. We were lucky enough last year to spend just one day with the group photographing their tour of Bletchley Park – this year we are so excited to be doing the full trip and travelling out to Normandy with them. I am currently writing this on the viewing deck of the ferry looking forward to what the next few days will bring. We are so thankful not just to again have the opportunity to photograph these amazing people but to just be in their presence.


craig williams

just amazing you guys are to good! =)


beautiful – have a wonderful time – see you next week x


These are brilliant. Must be an amazing experience.

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