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This post is a long time coming. These photos are from a workshop I did I over a year ago!!  I’m pretty rubbish at writing so tend to keep my blog posts short however it seems inappropriate to not say anything about Jonathan Canlas’ Film Is Not Dead workshop.

I must have written this post a thousand times – but I just can’t seem to put into words how important the FIND workshop was to me.

I have always shot film – always. Since I was 11 and saw my first image develop, having my dad build a makeshift darkroom in the attic, through my GCSEs, my A-levels, and my degree it is all I had known. While teaching, DSLRs quickly became affordable and the switch over to digital had begun- but not really for me. I still loved the darkroom and shooting film – digital left me cold. When I started the business this changed. I moved over to digital and for a time embraced it. That was until I saw Jonathan Canlas’ work. It reminded me of the work I had been striving to create before wedding photography was even a possibility for me. He only shoots film and the way his wedding photography seemed to be so heavily influenced by his personal work I thought if I was to continue shooting weddings this is the type of photographer I want to be.  When I found out he ran a workshop I had to attend. At that time most of his workshops were held in the States but out of the blue a London FIND was announced. After a very quick phone call to Kev I was booked in.

So many people have said amazing things about Jon and his workshop – you can read them here. They can say it far better than I ever could so I recommend you visit his workshop site (even just to have a look at how great the design is!) All I can say is that Jon has true vision. He works so hard and he is an incredible teacher. He stresses that he has got where he is by being a family man and by running his business in a way that allows him to always put them first. He is always shooting and emphasises how important practicing and refining your craft is as well as finding your own voice. I cannot reccomend this course enough.  Shoot film or not I don’t think it really matters the course is so much more than that.

Jon is coming back to the UK in June next year for FIND Norfolk.  Details can be found here


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